Visual navigation for each pull request

Viezly is a Github Application that provides visual code-reading interface for each pull request. Simply install it to your repository and change the way you review the code.

What files to review first?

GitHub presents pull request' files in alphabetical order, which is not the best way to review the code.

Visual navigation shows you where is the entry point or details of implementation. Every block is clickable and reveals the actual file diff

Effortless review for big changes

Change requests with thousands of lines bother you a lot? It's hard to imagine something more disappointing than a giant pull request approved and merged without any comment.

Of course, nobody wants to review it.

And we can help you and your team! Viezly splits big pull requests into digestible chunks that a lot easier to review. This saves your team time, improves code quality, and keep developers sane


Developers spend most of their time on code reading.

Viezly analyses the changes made in every pull request and generates stylish code maps.
You can easily see code design and composition, dependencies between files and structure.


Open Source


public repositories


Small Team


private repositories

10 or less developers

2 weeks free trial

Medium Team


private repositories

25 or less developers

2 weeks free trial

Big Team


private repositories

50 or less developers

2 weeks free trial


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