The easiest way to review the code

Code reviews can be painfully hard to review. Remember those with 30+ changed files, an endless list to scroll up and down to figure out what's going on?
With Viezly it's not a problem anymore!

Viezly helps you find where to start your review, arranges files using improved navigation, and splits big pull requests into smaller parts

No one reviews big pull requests

Smaller pull requests have 20 times more comments density than pull requests with more than 400 LOC changed. Just think about all the bugs, issues, architectural errors, and overcomplicated code that is ignored in big pull requests!

Viezly helps to deal with that issue. It splits big pull requests into smaller logically tied ones that can be reviewed in parts


What files to review first?

GitHub presents pull request' files in alphabetical order, which is not the best way to review the code.

Visual navigation shows you where is the entry point. Once you've selected the file to start, code for all its dependencies, tests, and tied files are shown right below the file's code.


Developers spend most of their time on code reading.

Developers can spend up to 30% of their time on code review. That's a lot of time and this can be optimized.

Viezly analyses the changes made in every pull request and improves developer experience in code review.

With all the reading and navigation enhancements code review is a joy!

How it works?

Click the link left by Viezly bot

After the pull request is created, Viezly bot leaves the link to the review interface

Start your review from the entry point

Dependency diagram helps to identify entry points in the pull request and start your review from them

Navigate in file's dependencies

Once you opened the file, you can see its diff with its dependencies diffs. To dive into the details you can navigate into deeper dependencies.

Review interface allows meaningful navigation between files. You can also leave and read comments, which are synced with GitHub comments

viezly review submission
viezly review submission

Submit your review

Finish your code review and submit the review with comments to GitHub


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